Tuesday 20th December – Quasar and Pizza Hut

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We have 3 games booked from 6.10 pm. Please arrive at 4 Bank Street, S1 2DS at 6 pm. We will finish at 7.20 pm where we will then go onto Pizza Hut on the High Street. Collection will be from there at 9 pm.

You will need:

  • £5 for Quasar
  • £5.45 for your pizza, salad, drink and desert. Please bring in correct change. 
  • A Christmassy attitude 🙂 No uniform, Christmas jumpers, etc. very welcome!

Thanks for a fantastic year! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 🙂

The next few Tuesday nights…

This Tuesday 6th December we are at the hut playing (big style) Sheffield Monopoly! Full uniform is to be worn. We are starting again with the patrol points for wearing uniform: 2 points for full uniform (Scout shirt, Scout trousers or shorts and 74th Oak Street necker with leather woggle or friendship knot) per scout, and an extra 10 points if the full patrol has full uniform. 5 points per scout will be taken off if not in full uniform. It is PL’s and APL’s responsibility as well as each individual scout. 

As you should all know, we are bag packing at the big Sainsbury’s on Archer Rd this Saturday. I expect full attendance. If you really are not able to attend then I will need a text from parents with an explanation. We will be fundraising for your activities 🙂 

On the Tuesday 13th it is Cobras patrol night at the hut 🙂 bring something good!

And finally!

On Tuesday 20th…

We will be celebrating the year, our achievements and what we’ve fundraised through bag packing by going to Quasar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We have 3 games booked from 6.10 pm. Please arrive at 4 Bank Street, S1 2DS at 6 pm. We will finish at 7.20 pm where we will then go onto Pizza Hut on the High Street. Collection will be from there at 9 pm.

You will need:

  • £5 for Quasar
  • Money for pizza – Ben will be bringing menus down to the hut for you to choose what you would like and how much you will need to bring for your pizza 🙂 he will be noting it down so I will be able to type that up and pop it up on here for you all to refer to.
  • A positive attitude 🙂 ready to squish each other then eat lots of food!!

Thanks for a fantastic year! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 🙂



Saturday 10th December- save the date!

We are bagpacking at the big Sainsbury’s on Archer Road (S8 0TD) on Saturday 10th December. This is a spectacular opportunity to fundraise a good amount of money that goes back into you scouts through activity and camp subsidies, as well as re-furbishing the Scout Hut 🙂

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We will be meeting in the forum entrance at 9.50am to start bagpacking at 10am. We will be finishing at 4pm.

You will have a couple of mini-breaks as well as a lunch break so bring plenty of food, snacks and drinks and/or money to consume during your breaks.

FULL UNIFORM IS TO BE WORN! I expect full attendance and best behaviour 🙂 If you are not able to attend I need a text from a parent with a good excuse!  

Any further queries please contact me,


Unit Sleepover 2016

Hi all,

Due to renovations on the Explorer Scout Unit’s building this November the Unit Sleepover will be postponed. I am in discussions with the other leaders and the Unit’s booking person currently as to when this will be.

This means that Scouts will be on (down at the hut) Tuesday 29th 🙂

Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience,


Hillwalker Badge 2016

The following information is for those who are doing their Hillwalker Badge with the District:

  • The walks will never be cancelled but they may be adapted to the weather conditions.
  • Clothing:
  • The material you wear while on your walk is very important. Cotton or wool is best. Man-made material smells.
  • Waterproofed walking boots/ thick walking socks/ gaters are also very useful.
  • Scout trousers, cotton walking bottoms or leggings – no jeans or thick jogging bottoms as they are uncomfortable and heavy when wet and don’t dry well.
  • Layers on your top half – vest/ long sleeve t-shirt/ a fleece is best as drys easiest. We suggest to stay away from hoody’s. Top layers can also be tucked into your trousers for extra warmth. Then would come your warm coat layer.
  • Thin layers are better than one big layer as you then have more control over your temperature.
  • An outer waterproof layer – waterproof jacket and waterproof trousers.
  • Bag:
  • Needs to be big enough to fit everything you need within it! We should not see any of your belongings strapped onto the outside of your bag…
  • Into your bag goes anything you are not needing to wear at the time but may need at some point on the walk, e.g. hat, gloves, scarf, buff, waterproof jacket, full set of spare clothes…
  • For extra ‘waterproofness’ and easiness while on the walk your stuff, especially your dry spare clothes, could be in separate dry bags or binliners. These can then be took out without wetting the rest of your belongings when you need them throughout the day.
  • Lunch/ water bottle/ snacks.
  • A torch.
  • Emergency snack – not to be eaten with your lunch or snacks as they are for an emergency!

If you have any questions please ask.

Lucy Turner 🙂

Swimming and Scout Splash!

Hi All,

Please see under the Swimming tab for newest courses at Graves Leisure Centre. These include beginners and the ASA Challenges! The ASA Challenges is for all levels and generally a more relevant course for you scouts. See the info if you enjoy swimming!

Furthermore, Scout Splash is coming up again! Back by popular demand and aimed at all Scouts, the fantastic Sheaf Scout Splash is a full hour of fun pool activities and challenges with the emphasis on team work. Participants must be able to swim confidently in the deep end.

       Image result for cartoon fish   Sheaf Scout Splash  – Dive into a real challenge!

Sunday 20th November 2016 – 6.30pm to 8.00pm

Graves Swimming Pool off Bochum Parkway, S8 8JR

Text Lucy to confirm your place by this Thursday the 10th!  

Please click on the link: scout-splash-16-scouts

Climbing at Mini Climbing Works 25.10.16

Hello scouts and parents/ carers,

For those booked on to climb this Tuesday we are meeting at The Mini Climbing Works (The Mini Climbing Works, Unit G, Centenary Works, Little London Rd, Sheffield S8 0UJ) reception at 6.50. We are booked in to climb from 7pm until 8pm. Collection will be at the same place at 8pm ish. There are still 3 places left! Please text to confirm place. First come, first served.


For those who have booked on but have not paid yet, please bring down £10 with you.

Climbing shoes are included in this price but if you have your own pair feel free to bring them to wear (they will probably fit you better). Long hair needs to be tied back and comfortable/ appropriate clothing is to be worn. No jeans. No uniform.

See some of you there and others this weekend at the Halloween sleepover!

NB: I need confirmation of attendance to the Halloween sleepover THIS TUESDAY by 9pm. Please text to confirm place. 

There will be NO Scouts on the 1st Nov due to the sleepover. The Tuesday after (the 8th Nov) is Kestrels Patrol Night. Please see post for 11.10.16 for instructions on what you need to think about to plan your night.

Thanks, Lucy 🙂


Climbing at Awesome Walls 18/10/16

Hello scouts and parents!

Please arrive at 19:15 at Awesome Walls reception area to register and get gear on. We are booked in to climb 19:30 to 20:30. Wear appropriate clothing and shoes; clothes you can move in and climbing boots or pump like shoes/ trainers. You may get thirsty so bring a water bottle if you so wish, and a snack. Neckers are not needed to be worn. Collection will be just after 20:30 in the reception area.

The full address for Awesome Walls is:

Awesome Walls Climbing Centre,
Garter Street,
S4 7QX.

Looking forward to it 🙂