Cooking on fires

At the hut in full uniform – 7pm flag so arrive a little early.

Bring simple items to cook on an open fire. This could be:

  • Sausages
  • Camp bread/ twists (flour and water dough and twisted around a stick)
  • Chapatis (done it myself, not too hard)
  • Corn on the cob
  • Blueberry orange muffins (muffin mixture baked in an hollowed out orange and then wrapped in foil)
  • Toasties
  • Fruit e.g. bananas in foil or fruit kebabs 🙂

We have cooking equipment – pans etc – at the hut. Any that you use must be washed, dried and put back where you found it.

Manage your time wisely so that you have time to start your fire, cook on it and then clean up. Remember what we taught you last week about how to have a fire safely and cooking on the embers of your fire.



We’re comin’ home, we’re comin’

This Tuesday, at the hut, we will be watching the Englad match on the projector! Parents are welcome to join us to!

Plus we will have a slip’n’slide outside 🙂

If you’re interested in watching the match arrive just before 7 to get yourself a squash before settling down in front of the big screen.

No uniform. Wear shorts and t-shirt that you dont mind getting wet and potentially dirty. We won’t be doing flag this week.

Next week we are going to Paddly Gorge for a water fight. Again, no uniform. Wear shorts and t-shirt you dont mind getting wet and dirty. A change of clothes is advised. Bring water pistols, plastic bottles, anything you have that holds water that you can easily refill in Paddly Gorge and chuck at people 🙂 

We will meet at 7pm at the top entrance where the icecream vans usually line up and collection will be from there at 9pm.

The week after that we will not be meeting on the Tuesday as we will be meeting on the Wednesday for a group end of year and farewell to Denise party 🙂 This is at the hut from 6pm until 7.30pm. All are welcome 🙂 

Anyone who hasn’t made her a card and wants to needs to bring theirs to this Tuesdays meeting. 

Tues 26th June

All of us will be practicing our pioneering skills this Tuesday by making catapults!

For those that are coming to Silverwood: You need to bring your packed bag so we can see that you have packed what you need (but not too much) and see that you have all the equipment you need in your groups.

Remember what we have discussed and learnt over the past few weeks about packing light – the use of dry bags/heavy use binliners is also advised.

In your groups you will have an opportunity again to discuss your menu and who is carrying what equipment.

Next couple of weeks…

I am changing the Programme slightly over the next couple of weeks and there are also a couple of additional things for the scouts to do:

  • Next Tuesday (12th) we are going to be doing some orienteering in Graves park and therefore we will be doing the camping stove cooking the Tuesday (19th) after. 
  • We will be meeting and collection will be from the Animal/farm carpark in Graves park; or just on the grass next to it.
  • For the camping stove cooking in a couple of Tuesdays the scouts will need camping stoves. Every scout doesn’t need one as they will be cooking in groups. However, if they can borrow one or if they plan to do their Duke of Edinborough at some point then buying a camping stove would be good 🙂 if looked after these can last years and years! We will be asking the scouts again next week if they can definitely bring one for the Tuesday after.
  • Next week is the deadline for the Backwoods camp at Silverwood consent forms and payment to be in. 
  • Denise is leaving as a Leader at the end of this term 🙁 we are all having a party for her on Wednesday 18th July. That week, Scouts will not be held on the Tuesday due to the party. As a present the rest of us leaders thought each 74th Oak Street member could make their own individual card for Denise. These will be handed to her in a specially made Oak Street tote bag. Please can the cards be to me by Tuesday 19th June. This is a surprise! No telling Denise!

Tour at Go Outdoors

The details are in the Programme for this week anyway but below is a clearer itinerary:

  • Meet at Go Outdoors (Hill St, Bramall Lane, Sheffield S2 4SZ) at 7pm. Full uniform to be worn.
  • The tour finishes at 8pm where we will then walk back to the Scout Hut.
  • Collection from the Scout Hut will be at 9pm as normal.

In the tour equipment such as stoves and survival gear will be explained giving you a better understanding of what you will need in backpacking, hill walking and expedition activities! 

See you there 🙂