Tues 20th March 2018

This week we will be at the hut.

Full uniform. This includes badges sewn on. We will be checking for full uniform and badges.

I will also be doing some investures as its been so long. I aim to do this at 8.50pm so parents of children who have not yet been invested are welcome to come and watch.

Furthermore, I am going to remind all scouts and parents that mobile phones are not allowed at Scout nights unless the parent(s) request that they need it, in which case it can be handed to Lucy for safekeeping. Another time this rule can be broken is if leaders have specifically said that they need their phones for an activity.

Widegame with a bit of litter picking

This Tuesday we will be meeting at the climbing rock in Heeley Peoples Park just off Oak Street, S8 9UB at 7pm. Collection will be from there at 9pm.

We will be doing a quick litter pick and then a wide game. 

Full uniform to be worn please.

Bring a torch and wear decent footwear.

See on Google maps:

Dropped pin
near Heeley, Sheffield


Launching the rockets (hopefully)…

So seeing as there is a weather warning for snow for Tuesday evening we will be launching the rockets in a local park.

Forewarning: if the roads are not able to be driven on then Scouts will be cancelled as leaders will not be able to travel to and from the hut.


  • Meet at hut 7pm wearing full waterproofs, boots/wellies/ clothing appropriate to the weather and your necker. You will also need your torches
  • Fix motors into rockets (don’t forget to bring your rocket with you!)
  • Walk to local park (have not decided which one yet as still planning wide game)
  • Set rockets off
  • Play wide game
  • Head back to the hut.

Hopefully see you all tomorrow! 



So finally we are actually going to be making rockets this Tuesday…

But only if you bring lightweight cylinder junk to make them with! E.g. Smartie tubes

We have enough motors for 1 each so each of you will be making your own rocket 🙂

Next week we will be setting your rockets off in the peaks! More details of where to meet will come later in the week…you will be taking your rockets home with you so ensure you have a safe place to keep them.

Cooking competition 2018 info

When: Saturday 27th Jan

Where: Bradway Scout Hall, Bradway Primary School, Bradway Drive, S17 4PD.
GR SK 327 803

Time: Scout Teams of 4 per Group need to be at Bradway with all their kit at 9.45am. 
Competition runs 10am – 12.00
Servin and eating 12 noon – 1pm
Washing-up and clearing 1pm – 1.30pm
Results and presentation 1.45pm – Scouts can leave after this.

Team: Katie Smith, Dylan Seymour,  Kristian Bennet and Leon Farrand

Subs (if any of the above 4 cannot make it): Tristan and Dylan Condie

Parents: please confirm your child’s attendance by texting Lucy

Scouts and parents: READ the further in formation given in the link – District Cooking Competition Details 2018

Thanks, Lucy

Ps :- Cooking the main course tonight in the hut. Same teams as last week to set up like last week.

Welcoming the New Year 2018

Happy New Year! We are back, at the hut, Tuesday 9th January – usual times.

We will be cooking indoors ready for the cooking competition!

Even though only 1 team of 4 scouts can enter the competion on Saturday 27th January (further details will be on a seperate post) we will all practicing to cook the menu. 

This Tuesday we will be preparing and cooking a starter, next Tuesday a main, and the Tuesday after we will be creating a pudding course 🙂 all at the hut.

If you are interested in being 1 of the 4 team members for the cooking competion please get your parent to text Lucy your interest and commitment on Saturday 27th Jan.