Oak Street are strict about uniform. We publish details on our programme about what we expect scouts to wear for each meeting / activity. We expect badges to be sewn on uniforms within a week of being awarded. We take pride in wearing the emerald and black Oak Street necker – as previous Oak Street scouts have done for several decades.

Uniform: Necker, woggle, dark green scout shirt, dark blue combat-style scout trousers, scout belt.

All uniform must be official scout uniform. No excuse for jeans, tracksuits or leggings.

Uniforms are available from the Scout shop, 60-68 Trippet Lane, S1 4EL, contact: 0114 2701752.

Scout shop opening hours: Mon: CLOSED. Tues to Sat, 9:30am – 5:00pm. Sun: CLOSED.

Pre-worn uniform / hand-me-downs: if your child has grown out of their uniform, please let one of the leaders know and we can hold on to it for you. We will advertise it on the website as pre-worn, in order to donate it to new, younger scouts.

Pre-worn uniform currently available: 

None available at this time. If you have any, please contact a leader.