Parent Updates

Parents: visit this page regularly to find out the latest news!

03/07/18 – Future activities with St. Pauls Scouts

Just a quickie for activities to look out for with St. Pauls:

  • An evening/night hike late on in the summer holidays
  • A week long summer camp next summer roughly the first week of the summer holidays (so 3rd week of July). Put it in your diaries now!


Beavers – meet in the carpark (next to the cricket field), Millhouses park at 18.30, Collect at 19.30. Full uniform please 

17.10.17 – 

09.10.17:- Hi all, just a polite reminder that if you would like to contribute to the raffle prizes for bonfire night, please can you bring them to the hut this week 10/11.10 or on the 17/18.10. Ps don’t forget to purchase your bonfire tickets asap. Thank you.

18.09.17:- Check out the last 3 Scout posts for contemporary info.

11/10/2016:- A few things have been popped onto the News part informing you on Tuesday nights, upcoming sleepovers and other events going on in the near future. Please scroll down to ensure you read all to not miss anything 🙂 Thanks, Lucy

06.09.13 – Scouts is back on on Tuesday 10th Sept. There is a parents meeting at 8:45pm, can ll parents please attend. Thanks.

16/05/13 – Scout Breakfast Sleepover consent letter now available to download. See Scouts > Letters.

04/08/12 – Important information about Airkix Indoor skydiving

  • Every scout + parent must go online and complete a Statement of Risk
  • See the SURFcamp page for details on how to do this
  • No Statement of Risk = no flight!
  • All parents have been made aware of this by text
  • A code, personal to each scout, is generated when the Statement of Risk is completed… this code should be sent by text to me – I am compiling a list to make it easy for all the scouts, and to make sure no-one forgets.

01/08/12 – SURFcamp T-shirt order form. Can all parents please

  • Check the online order form (see SURFcamp page)
  • Text confirmation to Chris by 9am, 3rd August 2012
  • Post payment to 3 Welby Place S8 9DA asap (£12)
If you do not confirm (by text) that your child’s T-shirt order is correct, it will not be submitted. Many thanks.


20/07/12 – Recent changes to promgramme re: climbing

There have been a few changes to the programme recently, so I thought I’d explain what is behind it all!

  • Steve and I planned the current programme months ago
  • At the time, we planned for a number of evenings of rock climbing
  • We knew we would need the qualification ‘Form Climb’
  • We believed we could obtain this qualification in just a matter of weeks, well in time for our planned activities in the summer.


  • We have been out with the experienced climbing instructor chap on six occasions over the last few months (i.e. as often as possible) where we have looked at gear placements, anchor set ups, group management etc
  • Although Steve and I can both manage a climbing group safely enough, the qualification demands an increased level of procedural knowledge that we have had to acquire over time
  • We are due to undergo the official assessment just before SURFcamp (good) but this will not be in time for the planned climbing activity at Stanage on 31st July (not good)
  • Therefore, this activity will be cancelled. Steve and I will publish alternative activity details nearer the time.

Apologies to scouts and parents alike for this inconvenience, but in the long-term we (Oak Street) will be a fully-functioning climbing scout troop, complete with the necessary qualifications and our own climbing gear (we have recently purchased more gear worth over £900). Please bear with us!

16/07/12 – can you lend SURFcamp a small generator / speakers / stereo? We also need a reasonable amount of free firewood. Contact Steve Clay on 07904 027860.

16/07/12 – SURFcamp consent letters have been printed and are due to go out on Tuesday 17th July. The deadline for payments is 31st July. Have a good read through the whole letter, e.g. info on water bottles, necker, sun-cream etc.

12/07/12 – Synergise refunds

  • Cheques have been shredded and payment will not be taken from your bank account
  • Cash payments will be refunded on Tuesday 17th July
  • Anyone who paid a £5 deposit, that might taken longer to get back. I’m working on it.

11/07/12 – Some info about Synergise, and some info about SURFcamp.

  • Synergise – as you know, Synergise has been cancelled due to a water-logged campsite. You should receive a full refund. I am sorting this out over the next week. There is talk of holding Synergise in September… I’m afraid to say that if that is the case, Oak Street will not be going as I will have just started my new Y4 teaching job and therefore will not be supporting any camps in September. However, Steve may be able to and he is currently making a decision.
  • SURFcamp – use the money towards SURFcamp!! Consent letters are due to go out on Tuesday 17th. One of the activities is indoor skydiving. I recognise this is an expensive choice of activity, however it was suggested to me and I thought it was a great idea, a chance not to pass up, so I have included it. Only if we get 14 scouts or more can we get a group discount. I will shortly be asking parents if they can pay this.
More details coming soon.

03/07/12 – Loads of new IMPORTANT info has gone on to the Synergise Tab. A read through is highly recommended. Contains new consent forms and a letter to parents.

30/06/12 – A few updates for parents:

  • Synergise full payment deadline Tuesday 3rd July. Check the ‘Synergise’ tab on the website to check if you are still to pay.
  • If you know your child is NOT planning on attending Synergise, can you text me to let me know. This really helps when following up non-payment on deadline day. Cheers.
  • I have had 3 or 4 lift-sharing consent forms back. If you haven’t returned yours yet, do so on Tuesday 3rd July.
  • Two scout staves (strong wooden poles) are yet to come back after the Olympic Torch walk. Can these be returned please.

16/06/12 – A few important updates for parents:

  • 19 of 30 scouts have paid up for Splashdown. Please check the Splashdown tab for more details.
  • 8 out of 30 scouts have paid the £5 deposit for Synergise camp. Letters asking for full payment will be going out on Tuesday. Please check the Synergise tab for more details.
  • If your child is not attending a camp, can you text me and let me know, just so I can be sure that the reason for non-payment isn’t that they haven’t been left out of the consent letter process! Also, if there are any special arrangements, (e.g. staying one night and not the next) please text me to confirm exactly what they are and I will collate the information. I welcome confirmation phone calls from parents – drop me a line any time today.
  • Please note that the times/places of drop-off/pick-up for both Splashdown and Synergise are correct on the consent letters but the times/places given on the programme are now out-of-date and should be ignored.
  • Can all scouts make a real effort to attend in full uniform this Tuesday please. It would be great if every scout in each patrol could be in full uniform, not just three-quarters! Many scouts have improved dramatically in this regard; some are yet to make the effort. Remember you have to wear full uniform to get into Splashdown, so this is the chance to show off you have it ready.
  • We are starting a lift-sharing / car-sharing list, on an opt-in basis. A letter will go out on Tuesday containing further details. Keep an eye out for it and return it to confirm opt-in if you wish.

13/06/12 – Jubilee BBQ Scout Dinner (16/06/12): just to confirm, this event is cancelled.

12/06/12 – Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers:

After spending two hours counting the Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers properly, I can confirm we have collected exactly 3,280 vouchers. The vast majority of these vouchers were collected during bag-packing, and around 150 were handed in by parents on Tuesday nights.

A lot of the stuff in the SAK catalogue is for children a lot younger than our scouts, but a few things are appropriate for their age-group. I have now placed an order which includes a pack of 5 compasses, orienteering flags, orienteering clips and control cards. I have also ordered a Bear Grylls Survival Kit which I intend to keep back and give away as a prize to a scout later in the year. These items total 3,274 vouchers, so we carry forward 6 vouchers to next year. Well done everybody!

11/06/12 – A few parents have suggested that there should be a car-pool / lift-sharing list available for when scouts are on an activity away from the hut (e.g. camps, hikes). I think this is a great idea, but of course I cannot simply publish everyone’s name / telephone numbers / address, so collectively the leaders need to think of an appropriate strategy.

Parents are always incredibly helpful when getting scouts out to activities and events, but everyone has their own preference as to how they want to go about it, and if they’d like to offer lifts or not. I am also aware that many parents already share responsibility for lifts and are in contact with other parents anyway.

My preference at the moment is this: if I send out a letter with a permission slip, I can compile a list of parents who are happy to exchange telephone numbers with each other. Each parent on the list will receive a copy list of names and numbers to utilise for upcoming events. This type of letter may be handed out on an upcoming Tuesday night.

Feel free to contact me with your suggestions and feedback on this issue.

11/06/12 – Further to the feedback from parents in the questionnaires two months ago: Time-keeping on Tuesday nights has much improved. We are making better use of the time available to us, e.g. starting quicker, wrapping up earlier, allowing more time for notices, more organisation and structure. However, there is more work to be done when Tuesday night meetings take place away from the hut (e.g. climbing). From now on, these activities may start at 6:30pm, to maximise the time the scouts have on the activity, and we aim to finish at 9:15pm, which is more realistic than saying 9pm. Hopefully this will address the issue of finishing late. I’ll report back in a couple of months!

22/05/12 – Splashdown letters have been handed out. Letters can also be downloaded/printed from the Letters tab. Splashdown letters back in asap.

17/05/12 – Haselhurst Teams chosen. Thanks to all the parents for texting back on such short notice. If there are any late additions we will squeeze them in. Let me know.

16/05/12 – Scouts, 22nd May – 7pm at the hut, nothing special, pioneering skills and I’m going to try to finish bang on 8:45pm!! Full uniform.

16/05/12 – New Splashdown page added to website. Details to be updated soon.

16/05/12 – Sheaf District Swimming Course starts Sunday 20th May at Graves Swimming Pool. See Scout News for further details.

02/05/12 – I’ve just been down to Cubs, and I saw something which made me think “I could do with reminding my Scouts parents about that!”

  • Scouts’ bags and rucksacks may be ferried about in vans to/from/around the campsite – please make sure each bag is labelled with your child’s name.
  • There are some activities which necessitate wearing a helmet e.g. mountain biking. All Scouts are strongly advised to pack their own cycling helmet.

02/05/12 – ALL SCOUTS to wear their necker for the train journey to District Camp. This helps us identify you in a crowd and shows members of public that you belong to 74th Oak Street Scouts. Do not wear your full uniform on the journey (it will probably be raining anyway), but DO pack your full uniform as there will be times on camp you will be expected to wear it.

02/05/12 – The Tues 15th May meeting will be at the Scout hut, 7pm. Tiernan & Joseph will be running a ‘free running’ activity involving an obstacle course… sounds exciting!

02/05/12 – The Wide Game next week (Tues 8th May) is at Ecclesall Woods. Please meet in the layby outside Ecclesall Sawmill, Abbey Lane, Ecclesall Woods at 7pm. Pick up is at 9pm.

02/05/12 – A few parents expressed to me last night that it wasn’t clear that parents have to pay for their child’s train fare to District Camp. I will look into why this misunderstanding occurred. To rectify the situation, a text will go out today to all parents to confirm that this is the case. Oak Street are only paying for the adult volunteers’ train fare.

02/05/12 – Parents expressed concern that children may lose their return train ticket whilst on camp. I can confirm that I will collect all train tickets upon Scouts arrival at Marple station on Friday. They will kept safe until needed on Monday afternoon.

02/05/12 – I have listened to feedback and reviewed the Tuesday night format. There are a few changes to be aware of. The main point to note for parents is that Steve and I will only see parents at the end of the meeting, not at the start. Can everyone (parents and Scouts) please read where we are now and from now on. Copies of these documents will be given out at the next meeting.

02/05/12 – We were going to use the wooden spoons as drumsticks on 30 blue barrels as a group, because there is a “Sheaf District’s Got Talent” show on Sunday night at District Camp, and we needed to rehearse something… however it became apparent that practising putting Patrol tents up was a lot more important, so I dropped the drumming activity. Thanks to those parents who did provide spoons… there are still about four left in the hut.

30/04/12 – We will be holding our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 9th May 2012 at 7:15pm in the Scout Hut on Canterbury Road. All parents/carers are welcome to attend this meeting which will last approximately one hour. Refreshments will be available. We’d like as many parents/carers to attend as possible – we look forward to seeing you.

30/04/12 – Some parents have queried how much a child return ticket (Dore/Marple) costs. I can confirm the cost will be £7.60 return. There will be a conductor on the train from whom Scouts can purchase a ticket.

30/04/12 – Abseiling at Millersdale Viaduct, Tues 15th May has been postponed due to a number of factors. However, Steve, Martyn and I are in the process of gaining the Scout climbing qualification ‘form climb’, and I am in the process of gaining our own licence to abseil at Millersdale Viaduct ‘Peak District Bridge 75’. So, although disappointing in the short-term, far better in the long-term as we will be able to utilise the viaduct whenever!

Therefore, on Tues 15th May, meet at the hut as usual.

30/04/12 – If you are one of the six parent volunteers helping with the train journey to and from District Camp, please attend Scouts on Tuesday 1st May: I have prepared a pack for you, including train times, contact numbers, a register to be taken at certain points of the journey plus your train fare. See you on Tuesday.

29/04/12 – The weather forecast for District Camp contains a reasonable amount of rain – may I suggest your child packs double the usual amount of dry, clean clothing… especially socks and towels!

25/04/12 – Pyramid Carpets (Woodseats) have kindly donated some carpet samples which will enable us to protect our static belay rope on the crag for years to come.

25/04/12 – We have started to see Parent Questionnaires being returned. They include useful information to enable us to apply for additional funding, and some interesting and valuable feedback. When the results are collated, I will publish how the Leaders intend to address any issues.

If you haven’t returned yours yet, bring it back asap, i.e. Tues 1st May. Thanks!

22/04/12 – We need a few old bits of carpet!

Squares of carpet can be used to protect climbing ropes where they might rub on sharp rock faces (just under a belay point on the edge of the crag when top-roping, for example). We need 2 or 3 bits of carpet, (hessian-backed, not foam-backed) about 0.5m x 1.0m approx. Contact Chris is you can help.

21/04/12 – As well as the District Camp meeting at Oak Street on the 17th, there was a meeting for the whole District on the 19th. Here are the details I think will be most useful for parents to be aware of:

  • Scouts’ bags and rucksacks may be ferried about in vans to/from/around the campsite – please make sure each bag is labelled with your child’s name.
  • There are some activities which necessitate wearing a helmet e.g. mountain biking. All Scouts are strongly advised to pack their own cycling helmet.
19/04/12 – The new Summer programme has been published. Copies are available at the Scout hut (on Tuesdays, just ask) or download and print from the website.

The new-look programme now indicates if full uniform is expected or not.

Many Scouts currently attend wearing the correct shirt and necker, but without proper trousers. A reminder: trousers should be dark blue, preferably hard-wearing combats, preferably from the Scout shop… not jeans, leggings or tracksuit bottoms.

19/04/12 – We have enough parent volunteers to accompany Scouts on the train to and from District Camp. I will be in contact with the volunteers soon. Thank you!

18/04/12 – 21 Scouts have returned their consent forms for District Camp, but only 10 Air Rifle consent forms (separate forms) have been received… if you’ve missed out, click on the ‘Letters’ page, print off and return asap.