Cooking Competition 2014

Well, our team did brilliantly. we looked very organised and professional. We were asked to design a menu from an EU country, and we plumped for Lithuania. Here’s the traditional Lithuanian menu we used. Due to factors we don’t fully understand as yet, we didn’t get in the top three. When I receive a breakdown of the scores (at some point in the next week, hopefully) the team and I will look closely at strengths/areas for development. We will learn from it and move on. Here are some pics they took during the competition:

The team put a huge amount of effort in, and I’m sure they all learnt plenty of new skills.

Scout Community Week

Scouts – come up with your own ideas of how to help your community. Plan and carry out your ideas after seeking approval from Chris. Receive this rather natty badge to show you did your bit.


10 Patrol Points to each scout who organises and completes an idea, for example, if you are a PL and you organise your whole patrol to do something, potentially you could receive 8 x 10 PP = 80 PP. Get thinking. Quick.

Sheaf District Cooking Competition

Our amazing Oak Street chefs did us proud this afternoon, taking home the Golden Ladel Cooking Competition Trophy, beating their score from last year by two points!

Their menu included guacamole, moroccan aubergine and mixed berry meringue. When quizzed about how they came to their decision, one judge remarked, “Most scouts seemed to be a little worried about what to do, but Oak Street scouts knew what they were doing and enjoyed getting on with it.” (These weren’t her exact words, but it’s close enough – Ed).

Our chefs will each be writing a short piece to be posted on our website, and they will also be featured in Sheaf News (which, I understand, gets posted on the notice board of several scout group huts around Sheaf District!), so watch this space. WELL DONE ALL INVOLVED!

Scouts – Tues 22nd Jan

Two things going on tonight:

1. Those who need to practise for the cooking competition will have the two hours to practise setting up, cooking their recipe, clearing up etc. We can then make a list of things we learnt from the experience so we are more prepared for the competition on Saturday. Click here to download the rules and ingredients you can use.

2. Everyone else: if it does indeed snow some more on Sunday night / Monday, then a big snowball fight / wide game will be happening. Bring FULL waterproofs / gloves / hat etc as you may well be in the snow (literally) for over an hour. Think mass snow bath.

It might be an idea to bring a spare change of dry clothes to change back into at the end of the night, including spare dry trainers/socks etc. 

See you at the hut, 7pm. Be prepared.