We’re comin’ home, we’re comin’

This Tuesday, at the hut, we will be watching the Englad match on the projector! Parents are welcome to join us to!

Plus we will have a slip’n’slide outside 🙂

If you’re interested in watching the match arrive just before 7 to get yourself a squash before settling down in front of the big screen.

No uniform. Wear shorts and t-shirt that you dont mind getting wet and potentially dirty. We won’t be doing flag this week.

Next week we are going to Paddly Gorge for a water fight. Again, no uniform. Wear shorts and t-shirt you dont mind getting wet and dirty. A change of clothes is advised. Bring water pistols, plastic bottles, anything you have that holds water that you can easily refill in Paddly Gorge and chuck at people 🙂 

We will meet at 7pm at the top entrance where the icecream vans usually line up and collection will be from there at 9pm.

The week after that we will not be meeting on the Tuesday as we will be meeting on the Wednesday for a group end of year and farewell to Denise party 🙂 This is at the hut from 6pm until 7.30pm. All are welcome 🙂 

Anyone who hasn’t made her a card and wants to needs to bring theirs to this Tuesdays meeting.