Survival camp Sat 24th to Sun 25th 2016

Hi scouts,

I know there are no Tuesday nights for you to organise 2 teams for Survival camp this year so I do apologise. This means that, if you are interested in this amazing camp (for me it is my favourite as it is simple; waking up in the morning in the woods is epic), you do need to organise yourselves.

The first two teams to text me with interest are the teams that are going. Each team must consist of 4 team members and must include a PL or APL as Team leader. Choose a Team leader then parents can text saying that Dr. Suess wants to attend Survival Camp, Team leader Square Bob.

Each Team member and the Team as a whole must be prepared to work hard to finish their shelter in time to start their fire and cook their tea. This is an extremely worthwhile but hard camp. You will need to, as a team, plan your tea and breakfast menu. You will additionally need to design your shelter. Us leaders will be there to support you but this is your camp. Below are some images of designs. I just googled them so you can do the same!

Image result for survival shelters in the woods

Image result for survival shelters in the woods

Image result for survival shelters in the woods

Please read the letter, follow the kit list and bring me the consent and moneys by Tuesday 20th September at 9pm.

Consent Letter: survival-camp-sat-24th-sept

Thanks, Lucy 🙂

Tuesday 20th September 2016

Hello all, I hope this invite finds you well. On Tuesday 20th September 74th Oak Street Scout Group will be holding a Tree Commemoration for our beloved George Parsons. The Group now have a plum tree for George in our outdoor space.

The Scout Hut will be open to visitors from 7:00pm until 8:50pm. Tealights will be available for visitors to light for George and to be placed around his tree. Drinks will be available from the kitchen.

Everyone within the 74th Oak Street Scouting family is welcome so please extend the invite to those who are applicable.

Scouts are to arrive at 6:50pm and can help out the night by greeting visitors, making drinks in the kitchen and handing out tealights. I will organise you when you arrive at the hut. Full uniform is to be worn. You will have time to visit the tree yourself and place a tealight if you so wish. We will also be discussing Survival camp where you will get a chance to hand over any consent letters, money and collect any cooking equipment you may need. Tuesday night Scouts will start normally from Tuesday 27th September 2016.

Well wishes, Lucy Turner.