Cooking Competition

Saturday 30th January 10am-2.00pm.

Parents to drop off their child at 9.30 prompt at Bradway Scout GroupBradway Drive, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S17 4PD, UK.

Leaders are to bring their team of 4 scouts promptly to set up from 9.45am. Leaders do not stay with the team after 10am.

10am-12noon preparation and cooking. Timing is essential/part of marking. Don’t start serving up before 12.

12noon-1pm serving and eating meal . 4 sitting down to eat properly, all team to eat, extra plate set for judges.

1pm-1.45pm clearing and washing up. To be inspected.

2pm final judging/presentation of trophy. Then teams can clear equipment and go home only after their area has been checked and they are given the all clear. Leaders can return for the 2pm presentation.

Parents to collect their child 2.10pm 🙂

Theme and details: (the theme has changed but I don’t plan to change the menu)

This year’s theme is ‘a family meal at home to celebrate an 18th birthday’- imagine a special meal at home, probably incl. grandparents & maybe other relatives, so whilst at home there might be more than 4 people eating, here you are only working on 4 people. All 3 courses can be planned with a free hand, just remember the constraints of your cooking facilities (no microwave or oven!!!) Bonus marks for original/ interesting choices.

Keep the budget for food purchasing for 4/5 people to a sensible level, bring receipts to show judges. Normal kitchen basics found in the larder eg seasoning, stock cubes, flour etc not included in the budget figure. I will bring the receipts 🙂

Equipment: You may use up to 4 gas rings, with your own equipment/utensils all supplied/brought by you on the day for cooking, preparation & cleaning. No electrical equipment to be used at all. You will need to boil your own water for all purposes. Bring your own full water barrel/ jack to start off, you may ask for further water if needed. Scouts will have no access to Bradway’s kitchen. At least 1 large groundsheet to work on in your allotted patch. Safety, hygiene, common sense, behaviour will all be marked. Please remember a good supply of MATCHES!! Double check your supplies before you come so you don’t leave anything behind, we don’t have any spare supplies. Please each bring a box of  matches.

Dishes: All courses are to be prepared and cooked on the day at the event from fresh produce- nothing to be pre-done at home before hand. Remember it is how well/what you present and not how complicated you get that counts. A simpler dish brilliantly done is better than something ’over the top’ done badly. Drinks to accompany your meal; tea/coffee etc. to end the meal is extra marks. Shall I bring coffee for you guys to serve up expressos at the end? I have an expresso maker and proper coffee 🙂

Presentation: the setting of the table, presentation of the food, table manners whilst dining etc. will be closely watched and marked. Any sensible extras to enhance your team’s presentation are allowable, such as menus. Presentation of the 4 scouts also important – appropriate clothing- no uniform, only necker. If you guys could organise a menu for the table that would be fantastic 🙂 I will pop the meals below for you to use!

Costs: bring your receipts (that I will bring) with you to show to the judges. It is a meal for 4/5 people to sit and eat so make sure you choose recipes that all the team will eat. Get the right quantities, waste will be marked down. Your overall meal must be balanced ; carbohydrate/protein/vegs. Etc.


Starter: Pork tacos. Homemade guacamole and salsa.

Main: Halloumi, portobello mushroom and avocado burger with tuna nicoise on the side.

Pudding: Chocolate mousse.