It is with deep regret and much sadness that we must announce one of our beloved Scouts, George Parsons, passed away on Boxing Day. George was a much loved member of the group having been with us since he joined as a Beaver before he moved onto Cubs and Scouts.  Our thoughts and love are with George and his family.

Details of the funeral will follow in due course.

Please see below for links to bereavement support services for both scouts and parents: –


The Meteorologists badge: Information on the next TWO Tuesday nights

The last part of the Meteorologist’s badge is: “Understand the effects of temperature, wind and water on the human body in cases of hypothermia and exhaustion.”

Llanberis Mountain Rescue have an excellent page on hypothermia that I recommend you visit and read up on before scouts on Tuesday.

Tuesday 8th Dec – staged emergency scenario

Where/when: at the hut, 7pm-9pm.

We will be practising for an emergency scenario in teams of three or four. As you may remember from last week, ONE of your team will be playing the part of the casualty. The casualty will be exposed to a bucket of cold water, outside the hut, fully clothed in hiking gear. This will emulate the type of hypothermia called ‘Submersion Hypothermia’, e.g. falling into an icy stream on the moors. The casualty will continue to play the role as having broken an ankle upon slipping into the icy stream and will be unable to stand or assist in their recovery. It will be up to the team to remove (almost) all sodden, cold, wet clothing and support the casualty into warm, dry spare clothing WHICH THE CASUALTY MUST BRING WITH THEM IN PREPARATION. The team, having been prepared, will ensure the casualty is warmed by use of additional warm clothing / hats / buffs / gloves / survival bag / space blanket / sleeping bag / WHATEVER THE TEAM BRING WITH THEM. Whilst this is going on, one other member of the team will be carrying out organising mountain rescue by (pretend) ringing 999 and asking for Police, Mountain Rescue and giving a Grid Reference and details of the casualty.  Other members of the team will also give first aid to the casualty for the ankle. If the team are super prepared, they may also administer a warm drink / chocolate / energy bar if appropriate and be prepared to attract attention using a torch / whistle and correct use of the International Distress Signal.

So, to summarise, one member of the team must have a full change of clothing. I’ll repeat that: FULL change of clothing.

The other team members must bring any extra kit ready for the staged scenario.

25PP to each scout working well as part of a team.

100PP to each member of the best team – the team who treat the casualty correctly, quickly, seriously. And don’t forget – this is practise for next week.

Tuesday 15th Dec – same staged scenario, but out on a night hike

Where/when: meet at Burbage North car park (up Ringinglow Road, just inside the Peak District) at 7:00pm. Collect at 8:45pm.

For safety, this staged activity will take place in a pre cordoned-off area and will be taking place under controlled conditions, closely supervised by leaders equipped with full survival kit etc. to ensure a fun educational experience.

After a short night hike, we will stop and spread out within a 50 square metre area. You will be in the same teams, doing the same activity as at the hut last week. You will have learnt by any mistakes made last week and you will be able to show how much more prepared you are.

This time, the casualty will be almost submerged in a shallow stream for a few seconds only. Your team will spring into action to prevent the onset of hypothermia, drag the casualty out of the water, provide first aid and ‘contact’ the emergency services (for which we will use handheld radios).

Meteorologist’s badges will be awarded to all scouts at the end of the activity!

I would like ALL scouts to attend tonight’s activity. If there are reasons such as ‘cannot get transport’ please contact a leader in advance and we will try to match up scouts with empty places in cars so that no scouts are left out.

Don’t be the uncool scout that looks daft because they didn’t even remember a head torch.