Wow! He’s updated the website!

Hiya kiddos.

So, we were going to start the Meteorologists badge tonight, but seeing as there was only 14 out of 33 scouts present (due to half term) is seemed prudent to wait until next week.

However…. if you did attend tonight, you’ll remember I dropped a hint about something you could learn, practise and then demonstrate at scouts next week for a reward…

These are the vids you could view and try to replicate. It’ll give you something to do if you have some spare time over the half term – plus it’ll look great when you demo in front of a packed scout hut next week!

25PP for those who try (practise at home, bring in equipment, try in front of everyone, even if it doesn’t fully work) and 50PP for those who give a quality and successful demonstration and give clear supporting explanations.
Got any more spare time? Get ahead of the rest… learn about how clouds form.