SCOUTS STARTS AGAIN Tuesday 6th Jan 2015

All sorts going on tonight, including:

  • Discussion about what you’d like on the programme for this Spring
  • Information about the upcoming cooking competition
  • Start to think about / decide what activities you’d like to do at Kandersteg (we need to get a plan together – Lucy Turner organising)
  • Uniform inspection – FULL uniform tonight or you’ll get a phone call home / be sent home to change (with parent permission)
  • Patrol Cup being awarded tonight
  • Scout of the Year 2014 being awarded tonight
  • A couple of new games…

Oh, and parents, something that you may like…..

I’m going to wrap up the evening meetings 10 minutes earlier from now on. What this means is ‘flag down + dismissed’ at 8:50pm (instead of 9:00pm / 9:10pm). One patrol per week will be asked to stay from 8:50pm – 9:00pm to help tidy up e.g. bins, sweep, etc. I’ll review how well this works in a few weeks time.

See you all on Tuesday.