Bag-packing: Saturday 20th December

This is the big one!

We are INCREDIBLY lucky to have such an excellent fundraising opportunity – the Saturday before Christmas will be VERY hard work but hopefully very worthwhile.

  • Meet: Outside Waitrose (Ecclesall Road) Main Entrance at 8:45am, register, rules, start work at 9:00am sharp
  • What to bring: warm coat, water bottle (labelled with name if poss), two packed lunches / plenty of food (it’s a long day), any spending money (your choice), bus fare back to the hut, FULL uniform, Santa hat / Reindeer Antlers optional
  • You will have plenty of breaks throughout the day. The harder you work, the more money you make
  • We are allowed to be at Waitrose up until 8pm but we will probably leave at 7:00pm, depending on how busy it is.
  • We’ll get on a bus back to the hut to count the money as usual
  • PICK UP: at the hut, 8:30pm, after coin counting.

NB: Even if you’re not going to Kandersteg (2 or 3 people in the group) you are most welcome to come and join in, as your share of the money will be put towards the cost of any other camps you attend.

Scouts – Tues 2nd Dec: Candle Making Part II


Remember candle making? The first night was a practise night, where we started to learn how to make candles. We used some of those candles at the Hindu temple.

Tonight you need to show what you have learnt and make a set of quality, attractive candles for Christmas.

  • Bring a selection of small pots and jars.
  • No cost tonight – you already paid your money a few weeks ago!
  • Full uniform – I’d like to see badges sewn on please.

Parents: please attend the Parent’s Kandersteg Fundraising Group meeting at 8:30pm tonight. It is for proactive parents to attend, swap contact details and ideas, hopefully ‘elect’ a leadership team to co-ordinate and organise future events e.g. Jumble Sale etc.