Scouts – Tues 25th Nov: Guide Badge

Tomorrow is Part Two of the Guide badge. Meet outside the Novotel Hotel, Arundel Gate (cars can pull in, drop off and turn around easily there) at 7pm. Wear warm clothes and bring pen and paper. We shall be awarding the Guide badge to any successful scouts on the steps of the City Hall at 8:45pm.

Photo above shows where to pull in when dropping off and picking up (just after the Sainsbury’s / St. Paul’s Tower).

Please check the Kandersteg Payments Spreadsheet to see if you have paid your flights payment as yet. DEADLINE IS TONIGHT. If you are yet to pay, please make sure you bring payment tonight. I am banking the lot on Wednesday.

Pick up tonight is at the same place, Novotel, 9pm.

Fundraising for Kandersteg – Info for Parents

Here are some events coming up soon that are fundraising opportunities for scouts.

  • Carfield Christmas Fair: Saturday 29th November (call Alison Ashwell on 0114 2490710 for a table booking)
  • Heeley Christmas Fair: Saturday 13th December.

Should scouts / scouts and parents wish to utilise the above to raise funds for Kandersteg, please make arrangements yourselves, as unfortunately leaders are not able to assist in the organisation of your individual fundraising efforts.


The leaders recognise that a more organised approach to fundraising is necessary. With this in mind, we are holding a meeting for all parents on Tues 2nd Dec, 8:30pm at the hut. (Scouts will be on that week, at the hut) This will be an opportunity for like-minded parents to get together, plan and organise together, swap ideas, contact details etc. For example, I know that some parents are keen to organise a jumble sale at the hut at some point, or an event at the Heeley Institute.

Essentially, what we would like the outcome of the meeting to be is that one or two parents are ‘elected’ to chair and manage a group of proactive parents who can organise fundraising events for scouts to attend. 

It would be great if you could jot the date in your diary and attend to help support our scouts. Thank you.