Kandersteg Update

There are some very, very important details you need to be aware of!

Click here to visit the dedicated Kandersteg page to see the latest confirmation form, letter about prices increases and other changes.

Next Meeting: Tues September 9th

No more scouts over the summer, apart from if you want to carry out your own fundraising activities, such as car washing or gardening (run ideas past me first, plus obtain parental permission).

On the first night back we will meet 7pm – 8pm, with a parents meeting at 8:15pm for the Kandersteg trip.

This Tuesday 8th of July we are going on a walk. Its been to long before the last one. I know we had one on the camp, so I mean on a Tuesday night.

We are meeting at the library on Woodseats next to the Honda dealer at 6.50pm and setting off on time at 7.00pm. Please collect your child at 9.00pm. at the same place.

Reminder to bring sensible foot wear and not forgetting a day rucksack. Please bring and drink and a coat in case it rains or gets cold.