Scouts – Tues 1st July: undisclosed activity…..!

YES, scouts is on. We’ve got a couple of good activities lined up for you tonight.

  • Tonight will be the first time we officially welcome the new cubs.
  • Please also bring your Kandersteg deposits (¬£40) and confirmation letters. Exciting!
  • We should be giving a few badges out tonight… hopefully!
  • There’s also a special surprise for somebody…

See you there.

Climbing last night

Here are a few shots from the scout camera, climbing out at Stanage last night:

Gear in place for the belays.

A talented scout on his first ever ‘Hard Severe’ (HS) climb, Robin Hood Right-Hand Buttress Direct. Nailed it in one go.

Topping out – fantastic job!

After a couple of goes at the starting moves, we even got another scout up the HS!

A good evening by all accounts. We will continue to search out climbs that challenge our most adventurous scouts and high moderate climbs to increase the confidence in others. See you next time..

Climbing, Tues 24th June

Scouts and scout parents: Click here for important information re: Climbing on Tues 24th June and see the bit below, too.

Due to new regulations I need ALL parents of scouts who are intending to attend to text confirmation back to me by Monday 23rd 7pm, as I now need to email any outward-bound activity details to the District prior to the event.

All I need is a text that reads, “[child’s name] attending climbing Tues 24th June”. Thanks for your help.

Climbing, Tues June 17th

A small turnout tonight, but we had a nice, relaxed evening of climbing – apart from everyone getting very midged! Welcome to the new scouts, just coming up from cubs. Everyone did really well, learnt something new about climbing and abseiling and pushed themselves to achieve on the rock face. The first time ever out on real rock is always a special thing for a scout – almost sacred to those who go on to a lifetime of climbing – and I’m so pleased we have welcomed some newbies into the world of Grit.

Scout Community Week

I’m pleased to say we had sixteen Oak Street scouts attend our Do 1 Thing¬†Scout Community Week event this morning at Newfield Nursing Home. Dressed and pressed, they engaged the old folk in conversation, played board games, card games and dominoes with them. Scouts heard some great stories and the old folk seemed to really enjoy having the scouts to talk to. Afterwards, many scouts said they’d really enjoyed themselves and asked if we’ll be visiting again.

As I said at the end, I’m very proud of them all, for various reasons. Thanks to Turner who organised the visit. Great work everyone. Well done.