Splashdown CANCELLED

Oak Street leaders announced on Tuesday 22nd April that Splashdown 2014 has been cancelled by the organisers. This is because the amazing group of people who have organised it for years have found it increasingly difficult and frustrating to get scouts and cubs out on the water due to ever-tighter regulations. The days of playing on hand-built rafts all Sunday afternoon are sadly long gone. Kayaking became more difficult to run over the last couple of years and recently the sailing has suffered also.

Oak Street Scouts fully acknowledge the massive effort that the team have put in over the years. We are hopeful there may be a Splashdown 2015. Watch this space.

Thank you.

Scouts – Tues 29th April: Patrol Tent Practise

Before we go any further… this is for ALL scouts to attend, regardless if you are coming on District Camp or not!!

Tonight we will be practising putting up patrol tents, in groups. The poles have been labelled by two helpful scouts and two helpful scout leaders, so it should be a lot easier than ever before. We’re hoping for dry weather so we can do it outside. All scouts should know how to put up a patrol tent, with no adult help, by the time they’re 13 years old, so even if you’re not going on this camp, you will need to know for another camp soon! Patrol Points on offer and cookies for the best patrol!

Scouts – Tues 22nd April: Easter Egg Hunt

Meet at the hut, 7pm, full uniform. First half of the night will be the Easter Egg hunt (always good fun) and the second half of the night will be making a giant Easter Egg Nest, with your painted eggs from a couple of weeks ago.

Imagine the nest below, but a few metres foot across….

A small selection of scouts will be assisting getting the Patrol tents sorted ahead of District Camp (only a couple of weeks away now). This may involve putting tents up, checking all parts are present and correct and possibly painting the big poles and tent bags so they are properly colour-coded once and for all.

See you at the hut.

Scouts Swimming badge: Stages 1 to 5

There are five stages of Scout Swimming badge. You could try to get them all, over just two separate nights!

Sunday 27th April: Stages 1, 2 and 3 (3 includes shorts and t-shirt stuff)

Sunday 11th May: Stages 4 and 5 (have to be able to swim 800m under timed conditions.

It doesn’t matter what ability you have – the idea is to push to the next level and get the next badge over the two nights.

Where: Graves Swimming Pool

Times: 18:45 hrs – 20:15 hrs (pool time 19:00 hrs to 20:00 hrs)

To book:

  1. Text confirmation with your name to Chris like this: “SWIMMING – JOE BLOGGS” which I will take as confirmation that you will attend the first night as a minimum, at a cost of £5.
  2. Download, print and complete the correct form(s) and bring them with you on the night with a cheque payable to ‘Sheaf District Scouts’.

Stages 1, 2 and 3       Stages 4 and 5

Did I mention 20 PP for each badge obtained and a bonus 50 PP for any scout achieving Level 5? 

SnoZone – kit list

Before I go any further, everyone to wear their necker tomorrow.

Hi to everyone that’s going to SnoZone! Whether skiing or boarding, there are a few pieces of basic equipment that you must bring with you and some that will be provided. Have a look at the pic of the dude below, and all the things he’s wearing:

Essential kit that you must bring yourself tomorrow:

  1. Boarding / skiing / waterproof gloves (for two reasons: protect hands from sharp edges on skis or board, plus waterproof/warm). These must not be woollen gloves as they will neither protect or keep warm because as soon as they get snow on them it will melt and lower the temperature of your hands.
  2. Waterproof trousers (if boarding, you may spend a reasonable amount of time on your knees and your bum; skiers tend to get away with standing up, but still need them). As you get more serious you could wear proper salopettes, ski trousers or boarding trousers, as below.


Kit that will be provided for you:

  1. Helmet
  2. Skis or snowboard
Kit that would be a good idea to bring tomorrow:
  1. Packed lunch
  2. Spendo
  3. Normal, thin socks (you don’t need thick socks, this isn’t hiking)
  4. Don’t bother wearing jeans, they will not tuck well into your ski boots!! Leggings over which to put on your waterproof trousers would be best
  5. Spare (dry) warm clothes to put on after you finish the activity… your other clothes will probably be caked in ice and snow.
  6. Small rucksack + plastic bag / rucksack liner
  7. £1 coin for the lockers.

Kit you don’t need yet, but may want to think about:

  1. Waterproof jacket
  2. Goggles
  3. Landyard, to attach lift pass to
  4. Shades
  5. Easyjet ticket to the Alps

See you tomorrow at 10am!

Snowboarding and skiing Tuesday 15th March

Skiing lesson 1:- 

Ellena/ Louis/ Hannah/ Lottie/ Hope   2.45pm

Boarding lesion 1:-

Lucy/ Dan    2.15pm

 Oliver /Liam/ Max/ Rudy  1.00pm

Boarding lesion 2:-

steve    12.15pm

Levi// Phoebe/ Lizzie/ Rhiana   1.15pm

For those who are buying there own food please don’t forget your money and those bringing packed lunch that’s fine.

gloves gloves gloves waterproofs waterproofs waterproofs. please do not forget these if nothing else.

As from the letter, we will be setting off at 10.30am down at the hut, no later.



Skiing and Snowboarding, Tues Apr 15th

Snowsports Badge

Dear Parents / Carers

We’re going skiing and snowboarding on Tuesday 15th April at Snozone, Castleford! We’ve been once before as part of the Unit Sleepover, when many scouts had their first boarding lesson.

I did a quick poll of scouts tonight: seven scouts wanted to do Ski Lesson 1, ten scouts wanted to do Snowboard Lesson 2. I have just got a quote (including group discount) or £25.99 per scout. Oak Street will be providing a subsidised minibus at no extra cost.

I will be ringing up and booking this on FRIDAY 4th April at 12 noon. If you would like to secure a place, please TEXT CHRIS on 07876 400786 asap with the words ‘Book Skiing’ or ‘Book Boarding’ followed by scout’s name before Friday 4th April 12 noon. I will pay for scouts in the first instance, over the phone. Scouts can bring a cheque (made out to 74th Oak Street Scouts) to our normal Tuesday meeting on Tuesday 8th April, along with the consent letter.

The lesson time is not set, but is likely to be midday / mid-afternoon. This means you will drop off your child at the hut for 10:30am and pick them back up later at 4:00pm approx. These times are subject to change, as the session booking isn’t complete yet. Please provide a packed lunch and drink + any spending money.


  • Text Chris ‘Book Skiing / Boarding + scout’s name before Friday 4th April 12 noon.
  • Cheque and consent form to me on Tuesday 8th April, 7pm

As the scouts seem very motivated by this activity, the long-term plan is to attend a few more times over the summer in order to obtain the Snowsports badge. I appreciate it may feel like a sizeable amount of money to shell out but I can reassure you that we will also be running a lot of outdoor rock climbing this summer, which by contrast is completely free.

If you require any further details please let a leader know and we will only be too happy to help. Consent form to follow shortly after we have got round a few technical difficulties.