Scouts – Tues 4th Feb: Games Night

We’ve had a few nights where there’s been a lot of organisation and effort involved planning the activities. To give us all a break, tonight will be a games night. Full uniform to start with, no excuses for not doing so, then getting changed into T-shirts as you get hot. Which you will.

Cooking Competition 2014

Well, our team did brilliantly. we looked very organised and professional. We were asked to design a menu from an EU country, and we plumped for Lithuania. Here’s the traditional Lithuanian menu we used. Due to factors we don’t fully understand as yet, we didn’t get in the top three. When I receive a breakdown of the scores (at some point in the next week, hopefully) the team and I will look closely at strengths/areas for development. We will learn from it and move on. Here are some pics they took during the competition:

The team put a huge amount of effort in, and I’m sure they all learnt plenty of new skills.