Scouts – Tues 28th Jan: Cooking III

We are going to continue our cooking badge and cooking competition prep, but we are not publicising what food as other scout groups might have sneaky looks at our website, hence no more pictures….

Everyone to bring £2 to cover ingredients again. It’s a great menu and we’ll have a lot of fun.

We shall also be awarding the Cooking badge and any other outstanding badges tonight!

We WILL have an important visitor tonight… professional behaviour and FULL uniform are a must.

Scouts – Tues 14th Jan: Cooking

Last year, we won two of the big three competitions in Sheaf District. The Wipeout Trophy (Splashdown Champions 2013) and the Golden Ladel (District Cooking Competition). We are yet to win the Haselhurst Trophy…. watch this space!

Here is the winning team from January 2013:

The Cooking Competition is coming up again… Feb 1st. I’d like us to retain the Golden Ladel if possible! Last year’s rookie (Rudy) will captain this year’s team. This Tuesday, Rudy and the Leaders will be holding try outs at the hut to see who is good enough to be the final three members of the Team.

Everyone needs to bring £2 on Tuesday 14th Jan (towards ingredients).

The theme for cooking next week, Tues 21st Jan (practise makes perfect) is the same as the theme for the Cooking Competition: ‘European Union‘.

What this means is we need to (1) choose a country; (2) create a three-course menu of traditional food from that country. Please bring ideas you have to the hut this Tuesday, ready for next Tuesday.

For the full competition details and rules, please click here.

Don’t forget your £2 on Tues 14th Jan, plus any cooking ideas!

Scouts: First night back, Tues 7th, 7pm at the hut

In order to satisfy requirements for the Survival badge 1(d) and 1(h), tonight we will be having a race. A race that needs to be taken seriously in order to complete the task, let alone win it.

At 7:15pm you will be presented with a litre of water drawn directly from Burbage Brook:

Task: In your patrol, it is then up to you to:

  1. Filter the water, to get rid of mud and sediment
  2. Boil the water for at least 10 minutes to kill protazoa, bacteria and viruses.
  3. Use the water to make a cup-a-soup / pot noodle / cup of tea.

The finish time for the task will be 8:15pm. All those ready to consume their food or drink at 8:15pm will receive 10PP each. Bonus 25PP for fastest patrol, bonus 25PP for most organised patrol.


  1. You may not use the kitchen in the scout hut or any of the big scout gas stoves.
  2. You will only be provided with one litre of water, a small pan and enough plastic cups for your patrol. EVERYTHING else you must source yourself / bring with you.
  3. You will receive no help from any leaders – this is a task for the patrol as a unit.

Here is a list of items you should bring with you.

1PP for each item you can tick off on the night.

Uniform tonight: top half, i.e. shirt, necker, woggle.

Be prepared.

Kayak Course – limited places

What: six sessions of kayaking aimed at scouts and explorer scouts – develop your abilities, learn to capsize and right yourself, turn faster, paddle harder.

When: Sundays 7:45pm-9:00pm, starting Sun 12th Jan on to Sun 16th Feb 2014.

Where: Graves Swimming Pool.

How much: £35, cheque payable to ‘Sheaf District Scouts’.

How to book: get your parent to text ‘KAYAK‘ to Chris asap. Only 12 places left! please note, texting Chris will be seen as confirmation that you WILL attend, as I have to book the places on your behalf.

First come first served! It sounds that good I think I might be there for the course…

Images are representative and not taken at Graves. – CM