Winter Splash Competition

Calling all Oak Street Scouts! Winter Splash is ON and it’s flipping FREE! 

I want Oak Street Scouts to turn up and wipe the floor with the other scout troops* – we can win this event, if we try hard.

  • What: Winter Splash is a friendly competition against other scout troops.
  • When: Sunday 10th Nov, 7:30pm – 9:00pm
  • Where: Graves Swimming Pool, Graves Tennis & Leisure Centre
  • How much: Free of charge, if a parent texts me by 2nd November 9pm!!


Any questions, just let me know.

I’ll see you there!

* (By being polite, efficient, playing by the rules and just being plain better than everyone else).

Upcoming swimming courses: update

As on the Autumn 2013 programme, the ASA Scout swimming courses are coming up, starting Sunday 17th November.

  • Beginner courses: “Challenge 1” and “Challenge 2”. Result: to be able to swim 50m.
  • Intermediate: Bronze Award (to start this you must be able to swim 100m).
  • Progress through the more challenging Silver and Gold, until finally…
  • Honours Challenge: for swimmers of a very high standard – only a handful of scouts have ever passed this level. 

25 Patrol Points for each certificate gained!

For more info, download and print the Swimming Permission Letter. Look for Barrie’s contact details and give him a ring to secure a place.

Exciting changes to the current programme

1. As part of the Survival badge, starting in December, I have arranged for our scout section to visit Edale Mountain Rescue Team HQ on Fri 10th Dec at 7pm. This should be really exciting and will give scouts an insider view as to how the emergency services work in the hills.

2. The Halloween Night Hike price has gone up a little to cover the cost of the evening we’re putting on. A mini-information poster will be handed out next Tuesday.

3. There is something called ‘Winter Splash’ on the programme, advertised as a scout swimming event. This is in fact for CUBS ONLY. Scouts, please do not attend.

The online copy of the programme has been updated to reflect these changes.

New Scout Promise

I have had an email from the Scout Association stating that there will be a new, alternative wording of the Scout Promise:

The existing Scout Promise:
On my honour, I promise that I will do my best
To do my duty to God and to the Queen,
To help other people
And to keep the Scout Law.

New alternative wording of the Promise:
On my honour, I promise that I will do my best
To uphold our Scout values, to do my duty to the Queen,
To help other people
And to keep the Scout Law.

We may use this from January 2014.


Right everyone, as I said on Tuesday. We will start with the younger members (10 and 11 yrs) for the morning session 9am -12 noon, then onto the older members (12 and 13 yrs) for the afternoon session 1pm – 4pm. You all know who you are for each session so don’t mess things up please….. it will be at the same place: CARTER HALL FISHERIES Gleadless.

Please bring £2.50 to cover the costs of the peg. Should the kind man let us off paying again, we will put the money towards another pole again, yeah!

Bring suitable clothes for the weather and sensible shoes, especially the girls. You will be sent home if you wear the slip on ones.


  • From Gleadless Townend, follow White Lane.
  • Just after White Lane tram stop, turn right into Carter Hall Road.
  • Go past Charnock School on your left. At a T-junction, turn left, and immediately after turn left again into a tiny road called Carterhall Lane.
  • Carterhall Lane is a potholed gravel track with hedges on either side. Follow this for a minute or so.
  • Eventually you will see a bright yellow sign saying ‘Fishing’ pointing right. Follow this through a gate.
  • Immediately, look for the ‘Parking’ sign on the left, around a farm building.