Scouts – Tues 19th Feb: New Badges

Tonight we will unveil the two badges you will be working on for the next two months, culminating in an overnight event at the hut (April/May) where you can demonstrate your skills in a final competition for the badges… This will directly help you compete for Oak Street in an upcoming camp, details coming soon.

FULL uniform tonight… get those badges sewn on today please! If it’s not neat enough, you’ll be asked to unpick and sew again. Seriously.

PS: Tonight’s competition involves chalk, lit matches and using water balloons to get other patrols. A penknife might be useful, if you have one. See you there.

Scouts – Tues 12th Feb: Pancakes!

In your patrols you will

  1. Make your own batter
  2. Make your own pancakes
  3. Put as much sickly-goo / maple syrup / sugar / lemon / squirty cream / nutella / chocolate sauce on as you like!

Competitions tonight:

  1. Cleanest / most efficient work-station     10 PP
  2. Most imaginative pancake     10 PP
  3. Best professional-looking pancake     10 PP
  4. Most rotations in a single flip (competition held inside, no sticking to the ceiling please, pancake must be caught successfully!)     10 PP
  5. Highest pancake flip (competition held outdoors, each patrol nominates ONE person to flip: they can have as many tries as they like in 90 seconds, use as many pancakes as they like (have several on standby for your team!).     10 PP
  6. Fastest cleaning/tidying up: sliding scale: 1st 30 PP, 2nd 10 PP, 3rd 5 PP

So a potential 80 Patrol Points up for grabs!

What to bring on the night:

  1. To take part, bring £3 and tick yourself off the list when you get to the hut. This will go towards everything you need on the night, it will all be provided (i.e. ingredients for batter, a multitude of toppings, if you have any suggestions, text me).
  2. FULL UNIFORM. Points awarded.
  3. We already have very old frying pans… if you want to bring your own, that’s fine. Aprons too, for those of you so inclined!
  4. Anything extra is up to you. See you there  😀