Scouts – Tues 2nd Oct – Climbing

We’re off to the Foundry tonight for a spot of climbing.

The meeting place is in the cafe upstairs, 7pm. There will be other climbers / customers in the cafe so BE QUIET, SENSIBLE and THINK about other people… best behaviour please. Any running / larking about, for example, will result in not taking part in the climbing activities.


What to wear: lightweight flexible clothing. Trainers. ‘Rock” boots if you own them. Sometimes an evening at the Foundry starts out cold (bring a warm top) and ends up toasty warm (take warm top off). A small rucksack + drink would be a good idea.

Price: FREE, as part of the Climber’s badge we are running free-of-charge this Autumn, funded by money secured by Oak Street’s Exec Funding Officer.

Want more? There will be two more sessions, in November and December. Throughout the sessions we shall log your ability and progress to provide evidence of what you have learnt over the three sessions, towards your badge.

Scouts – Tues 25th Sept 2012 cancelled

My team and I regret to inform our scouts that tonight’s meeting is cancelled.

I contacted Steve yesterday, stating I was simply too busy (and too tired) catching up with work from my new job to be at scouts this Tuesday, forgetting that he had already notified me saying he needed Tuesday off as it’s his birthday. Plus,  Lucy T is too poorly, so no leaders can do scouts at all!

I’ll send a text out to all parents later this morning. See you next week guys. Enjoy your break.

PS: I’m off to shift those pesky groundsheets from the scout hut, so they are out of the way of the other groups that use the hall… at 6:30am on my way to work! z z z Z Z

Scouts – Tues 18th: Survival Skills 2

Full uniform tonight. If weather is looking dodgy, bring a waterproof coat. You might be kneeling down on wet mud/grass so bringing waterproof trousers might be an idea.

Tonight, you will have 10 minutes to collect the three different types of firewood required for a good campfire. As I’m sure you know, these are tinder, kindling and fuelwood. Your patrol will collect and sort the wood into three piles. You will then be given a dixie of water, which you must boil and then use for supernoodles/pot noodle whatever you bring with you from home.  To hold the dixie at the right height, you will have to make a stand from branches, like in this picture.

You will only be given five matches per patrol, so use them wisely.

Scouts are encouraged to bring their own knives to this type of Tuesday night activity. You can buy an entry-level knife from Go Outdoors for as little as £13 / £18. Go Outdoors will be happy to advise on which knives are suitable. Obviously, adults make the purchase. Leaders will make sure you can use them safely and properly. You can bring them on survival camp too. They will be kept in a tin overnight/when not in use. Here are some examples to get you thinking.



Personally, I find a knife with a small saw to be very useful.

PLUS We’re also going to work out what badges you’ve got, and what badges you’d personally like to obtain over the next few months.

Last but not least, don’t forget to bring in your consent letters for Survival Camp. If we get more than twelve, Steve will be selecting the most responsible and dedicated scouts to be entered in the competition.

Be prepared.

Scouts – Tues 11th Sept

Scouts starts again on Tues 11th Sept, 7pm – 9pm. We have an action-packed night planned for you, e.g practicing for SURVIVAL CAMP which is coming up 22nd-23rd Sept.

The Leaders expect FULL UNIFORM from every single scout, especially the ones who are coming down for the last time!

Anglers badges will be handed out to all who took part…..

Further photo’s have been added to the Surf Camp, have a L@@K..


This was my tent contruction, good eh…

See you there.

Also, the Angler’s badge will be presented to all those who took part….