Article by James, 13

Here’s an article by James, about raft-making/scout lashing practise:

Thanks James…!

Well, what is he talking about?? Click the photo below to see more.

If anyone else wants to write an article about an activity on a Tuesday night, a camp or anything at all, pass it to me on Tuesday and I’ll post it on the site.

Scouts – Tues 26th June

Well, we’ve had a load of fun recently, but tonight we WORK. We’ve got a lot of muddy wet tents and other kit which needs cleaning, drying out, sorting and packing away. A good scout always looks after his/her kit!

  • Bring an old tea towel / towel
  • Full uniform
  • We’ll supply the warm water, sponges and buckets.

Don’t forget to bring in your Synergise Camp consent forms and monies.

Olympic Torch in Sheffield today

A once in a lifetime opportunity for Oak Street Scouts – see the torch TODAY!

What happens when?

  • Meet at the hut at 5:50pm
  • We set off on our walk into town at 6pm sharp.
  • Get a good spot in town, around the Staples / Decathlon area, 6:30pm approx.
  • Olympic procession passes around 7pm, having come through Hunters Bar at 6:40pm.
  • Follow procession into town / Barkers Pool.
  • Leave town at 7:30pm.
  • Arrive back at the hut 8pm.
What do I bring with me?
  • Bring a small rucksack to put stuff in
  • Water/drink
  • Bit of food
  • A few quid to spend in town (ice-cream maybe?)
  • Waterproof coat, just incase.
  • Digital camera if you wish
  • WEAR YOUR NECKER. I did previously say wear full uniform, but I understand they may still be in the wash from Splashdown.

See you at the hut.