New Petzl Climbing Helmets arrive

So that’s one white 50m static belay rope, one purple 50m 10.2mm Beal climbing rope, 4 new carabiner & belay devices and 4 new Petzl helmets we now have. Only a bunch of climbing harnesses to get and we’re sorted! All paid for by YOUR hard work bag-packing.

You gotta love a product that comes with a warning of severe injury or death!

Haselhurst Teams chosen

10 Scouts replied, hence we have two teams. The PLs and APLs have been spread out as required by the rules. The rest have been allocated with mates or siblings. See the new Haselhurst tab for the team listings!

Scouts – Tues 22nd May – Pioneering skills

Ahead of the raft race at Splashdown, Oak Street Scouts need to vastly improve their pioneering skills, specifically lashings. You will all be constructing your own rafts at Splashdown, and to be a serious contender in the raft race your raft must be built properly. Tonight, we practice. If you own a pen knife, bring it down, with your parents permission. Check out this clip which you can learn from!

Scouts – Tues 15th May

A week or two ago, Joseph and Tiernan approached me, asking if they could put on a free-running activity night for Scouts. They went away, researched and organised it and the idea has evolved from ‘jumping off tables in the hut’ into a carefully planned activity in Sheffield city centre!


Meet at the hut, Tues 7pm as normal. Wear baggy / street clothes + necker. Think about bringing a coat if it is cold. Tiernan will carry out a presentation at the hut, including watching a free-running video. We will then walk to Chesterfield Road and catch the 53 into town, so bring £1.20 bus fare. I would also suggest there might be a visit to McDonalds, so maybe bring a few quid for that too. We’re due back at the Hut between 9pm-9:15pm.

See you at the hut!

Scouts – Tues 8th May – WIDE GAME

Incase you’ve forgotten, tonight it’s a wide game in Ecclesall Woods.

Meet at 7pm in the layby on Abbey Lane, near Ecclesall Sawmill, Ecclesall Woods.

Pick-up is at 9pm.

Bring the usual: strong/sturdy footwear e.g. hiking boots + waterproofs, small rucksack and water bottle. Wear your necker. it may be required for some of the activities!

Welcome back!

I don’t know about you, but every muscle in my body aches!

The camp video will be available in early June, as I have no free time to edit all the hours of footage until then!

A massive thank you to all Leaders, Young Leaders, adult helpers, Scouts, Cubs, Beavers and parents who made it the camp happen. Watch this space for all the photos – coming soon.

District Camp!

  Get packing!!

The Peak District forecast for the weekend is an interesting one…. Click here to read it in full. Here is my summary:

  • Friday: Cloudy, patchy rain spreading south, becoming blustery, 8 to 10C
  • Saturday/Sunday: Colder, frost, exceptionally clear air, visibility excellent (in between possible hail/snow showers) spells of sunshine
  • Monday: rain.

Be prepared!

Tent Practise

I’m jolly glad we had a go at putting up the Patrol tents last night, as it seems I knew about as much about Patrol tents as the Scouts did: not much!

I have loads of experience putting up regular tents (Vangos, Colemans, Decathlons and other tents manufactured in the 21st Century) but even I had to learn how these Patrol the tents go up, and I think it’s safe to say the Scouts had to learn too.

They got a lot quicker the second time around – well done, good job. That was just a rehearsal… bring on District Camp in the rain!