Scouts – Tues 1st May

Ok, so it says on the programme “packing for camp”… well that’s not all we’re going to do tonight….

1. Bring TWO old wooden spoons each. You’ll find out why…

2. It’s full uniform as normal. See if you can get your whole patrol in full uniform, no jeans! Prize available for the smartest best dressed patrol – don’t let your patrol down!

3. At District Camp next weekend there will be a Sheaf District’s Got Talent show on the Sunday night. You can use tonight to get yourselves into groups and start practising your act!

See you there.

Thank you Pyramid Carpets!

Pyramid Carpets (Woodseats) kindly donated 4 old carpet samples which we will use to protect our static belay rope from the sharp gritstone crag when rock climbing in the Peak District and beyond.

They will prolong the life-span of our climbing ropes, and will be used for many years to come. Thanks Pyramid!

How the carpet will be used…

Fire Drill

 <- Inside the hut shortly after the second drill

Last night, we had a practise fire drill, to make sure we could exit the building safely. The Scouts did well, and we talked about how to make it better. Little did they know that later that same evening we’d have a realistic simulated fire! To give the Scouts a more memorable experience of discovering a fire for themselves, a small amount of “smoke” was introduced to the hut! Scouts raised the alarm by themselves and evacuated the building calmly and efficiently. Well done to all Patrols!

Scouts – Tues 17th April


All parents: please attend the meeting about the upcoming Linnet Clough District Camp. It starts at 8:50pm and will last about 10 minutes.

All Scouts: we have a HUGE amount to get through tonight, including:

  • If you didn’t attend the Easter Egg hunt, we have a spare Easter egg for YOU! Otherwise.. we’re giving ’em away!
  • We’re giving out consent forms so you can use air rifles at District Camp. If you don’t get a consent form signed, then you cannot join in. No form, no shooting.
  • Make sure you have got a District Camp letter & kit-list. Spare copies available tonight.
  • Climbing equipment: we’re going to talk about what rock climbing equipment we need to buy, and who would be interested in doing the Climber’s badge this summer
  • Photographer’s badges to give out
  • More information about the upcoming Haselhurst Trophy competition
  • More information about SURFcamp
  • More information about the Angler’s badge
  • …and lots more!

And not forgetting COBRAS mystery activity…. OMG what a busy Tuesday. Full uniform. See you there.