Challenge: make the Leaders a cuppa?

Last week, the only thing that Scouts had to do was make the Leaders a cup of tea. Except, Scouts weren’t allowed to use a kettle.. or electricity.. or gas.. or matches.. or a lighter.. so they had to collect their own firewood and light the fire using a firesteel:

Scraping the firesteel rod creates tiny sparks of iron. It’s not very easy lighting fires this way!

Scouts lit the tinder they’d collected, then built up the small fires with kindling and finally added some fuelwood for sustained heat.

Scouts were in two teams: Otters and Cobras against Kestrels and Eagles:

Kestrels and Eagles were first to get some cuppas on the go:

All those feet stomping around resulted in a visitor…

Which Scout decided to go arty and start shooting in black and white?!

Otters and Cobras did eventually get their fire going really well, but Kestrels and Eagles pipped them to the post and made the Leaders a smashing cup of tea each. 25 Patrol Points to each winning Patrol!

So, next time we need a camp fire, Scouts can have a go at collecting all the different types of wood and building a fire themselves. Well done!

Design ideas

We had 11 entries for the competition to design a new emblem/logo for our new hoodies!

After the meeting, Steve, Louis, Alice and I counted up the votes. Here are the top three:

Entry No. 3 (18 points)

Entry No. 4 (also 18 points)

The Leaders had an elongated conversation about this entry. Essentially, we really like it. It’s cool, it’s a design with potential… but we’re not sure if it’s for Scouts! However, I reckon we can adapt the “oak street” lettering, maybe for the back of the hoodies. More on this later.

Entry No. 5 (13 points)


The competition is STILL OPEN. If you want to design the new logo for Oak Street, this is your last chance! Remember:

  • Design must be on A4 paper
  • Fill the page with your design
  • Maximum of three colours
  • Big, bold, bright, unique design that stands out
  • Take your time, do a good job, bring out the artist in you!

Here are a few ideas I have had, they are quite basic, but they include a font I downloaded off the internet. It’s a font I’ve liked for years, but never had the opportunity to use… inspired by the Oblivion ride from Alton Towers.

Entry 4 inspired this next design, imagine it on the back of a hoody?

Bring more ideas in next week. Bold designs please. Be creative, be artistic!

Scouts – Tues 27th March

Things to bring tonight:

  1. Bring a torch / headtorch
  2. Strong shoes / boots (will get muddy)
  3. Bring a big “bag-for-life” that parent/carers don’t mind getting a bit grubby – the more bags-for-life you bring, the better..
  4. You’ll be outside for an hour, so bring a coat if you think you’ll be cold
  5. FULL uniform as normal. If you haven’t got full uniform, your parents will get a phone-call from a Leader.
Along with the main activity (to be revealed), other things we’re squeezing in tonight include:
  1. We shall review your hoodies/emblem designs and vote for the best
  2. Review of Global Challenge badge – bring in any homework you’ve done
  3. Suggestion for future Patrol nights – who wants the next one?

Plus, we’re checking neckers and shirts and woggles to see if they are marked with your initials.

See you later!

Spring Splash Results

Scouts take over Graves Swimming Pool!

Over 20 Scouts from 69th Mosborough, 74th Oak Street, 229th Greenhill Methodists, 265th Greenhill and 297th Bradway took part in Spring Splash.

Six teams competed against each other in 10 relay races using all sorts of extra equipment like foam blocks, tubes, rubber bricks, donuts and flippers.

Every team received a rather smart certificate for taking part:

A big thank you goes to WVU members for life-guarding the event, all the Leaders who organised it and made it happen and of course parents for ferrying children to and fro.

Thank you!

3 Patrol Points go to each Scout from Oak Street who attended: Holly, Romy, Sinead, Rob, Hannah and Ella. Well done for making the effort to turn up, and for swimming so well. Nice one. Check the current scores by clicking the table below.

and I think I forgot to mention something…. what was it again…. oh yes…

Scouts – Tues 27th March


  1. Alice is arranging an extended energetic activity, designed to tire you out!
  2. We shall review your hoodies/emblem designs and vote for the best
  3. Review of Global Challenge badge
  4. Suggestion for future Patrol nights – who wants the next one?

FULL uniform as normal. If you haven’t got full uniform, your parents will get a phone-call from a Leader.

Plus, we’re checking neckers and shirts and woggles to see if they are marked with your initials.

Stop Press!! Kestrels are having a Games Night!

I have just been informed that Kestrels are having a Games Night due to a technical error with what they were planning on doing. Hence, tonight, bring in a console, a big telly, all the leads and controllers you need plus games and we’ll see you at 6:30pm for setting up!

See last Games Night poster for further details:

Oak Street Scouts accept no responsibility for damage to or loss of fancy expensive equipment!

Scouts – Tues 20th March

Tonight it is Kestrels‘ Patrol Night… I wonder what they have planned..?!

We will also have a quick talk about how your work towards the Global Challenge badge is going. To help, I have placed the criteria online, see below.

There will also be many lists printed off, stuck to the wall…. When you arrive, be sure to tick if you want to attend any particular camps or swimming activities.

Patrol points have been updated! Check to see how your patrol is doing…

Full uniform as normal.

See you there.

Global Challenge Badge – Homework

To gain this badge, Scouts must complete all the activities in one of the following areas:

Area 1: International contact

Make contact with Scouts from another country outside the UK, then either:

  • Take part in a Troop or Patrol activity with these Scouts
  • Take part in a Troop of Patrol activity based on things found out during the international contact

Area 2: International Issues

Choose and investigate an international issue, for example:

  • Trade
  • Health
  • Water and sanitation
  • Environment
  • Conflict
  • Refugees
  • Peace
  • Tourism
  • Homelessness
  • Poverty
  • Animal welfare
  • Conservation

Then complete the following:

  1. Show an understanding of the issues involved.
  2. Take some action as a result of the research.
  3. Compare how the issues affect the UK and countries overseas.

Scouts – your aim is to have completed and gained the Global Challenge badge by the end of April! Some of you are already well on the way. Any questions, please ask.