Scouts – Tues 28th Feb: GUEST SPEAKER

Tonight, we were very lucky to have a special guest speaker at the meeting, Mr Chapman.

Mr Chapman was an Asst Cub Master at 74th Oak Street back in 1957! Have gave a talk about many interesting things, such as his travels with Scouts in Australia, walking round with knives strapped to his leg and camping at Marsh Lane. We found out that the scout hut used to be made of wood and was situated in a different place! He also showed many interesting photos and artefacts from his time with Scouts. After he had gone, several Scouts continued to look through the suitcase of items he left us. Here are some of their notes they wrote:

From all the Scouts at 74th Oak Street, thank you Mr Chapman! 

Date to keep free – ALL SCOUTS – bag-packing



Sainsbury’s have invited us back (mainly because we’re the BEST group they’ve ever had – official) and we shall be bag-packing all day Saturday 10th March.

Keep this date free! Check diaries now! Cancel everything else!

I’d love to raise £1,000 again, and I think, megastars that you are, you can do it easy peasy lemon squeezey.

All that remains is to decide what activity you’d like to do at the end of the day….

Cinema? Climbing? Laser quest again? Swimming? Film night at the Hut? Something else, wild and wacky and super-original??

YOU decide. Let me know next Tuesday.

PS: I promise this will be the last time we bag-pack until the Autumn!! Let’s make it even better than December and raise loads of money for the group… think of that camp in DEVON in the summer! The beach, the surfing, the sunshine……….

Scouts – Tues 21st – PANCAKES!

In your patrols you will

1. Make your own batter

2. Make your own pancakes

3. Put as much sickly-goo / maple syrup / sugar / lemon / squirty cream / nutella / chocolate sauce on as you like!

Competitions tonight:

1. Cleanest / most efficient work-station     10 PP

2. Most imaginative pancake     10 PP

3. Best professional-looking pancake     10 PP

4. Most rotations in a single flip (competition held inside, no sticking to the ceiling please, pancake must be caught successfully!)     10 PP

5. Highest pancake flip (competition held outdoors, each patrol nominates ONE person to flip: they can have as many tries as they like in 90 seconds, use as many pancakes as they like (have several on standby for your team!).     10 PP

6. Fastest cleaning/tidying up     20 PP

So a potential 70 Patrol Points up for grabs!

What to bring on the night:

1. To take part, bring £3 and tick yourself off the list when you get to the hut. This will go towards everything you need on the night, it will all be provided (i.e. ingredients for batter, a multitude of toppings, if you have any suggestions, text me).

2. FULL UNIFORM. Points awarded.

3. We already have old frying pans, but if you want to bring your own, that’s fine. Aprons too, for those of you so inclined! (Chef James? Spilling batter all over yourself?)

4. Anything extra is up to you. See you there  😀


Freezer Camp

Notice to parents.

At present, many leaders have other commitments during the weekend we were due to go on Freezer Camp, and, as such, we will not be attending this year.


There will still be plenty of amazing camps throughout spring/summer.

Thank you for your understanding.


Tuesday night’s First Aid

Well what a constructive night it was. All scouts took part in this one and set their minds to the task. There were all sorts of accidents and senoirio’s for them to deal with and they all did an outstanding job. You’ve got Osian being electicuted, Lewis in what you may call a fall, to Ella and Hannah helping Hope into the recovery position.


Scouts – Tues 7th Feb – FIRST AID

Tonight we’re brushing up on our First Aid.

There will be four scenarios for you to recap you First Aid knowledge.

You may even learn new skills.

If your parents own a First Aid book, bring it down to help your patrol (with parents permission).

All Scouts need regular opportunities to practise their First Aid skills, as it helps reinforce previous learning….  Scouts and Leaders alike!

In addition, there shall be time for older Scouts to start to plan their expedition hikes.