Butterton camp

Well has everyone recovered from the weekend ? Did you have a good time or what ? Can’t wait till next camp… I managed to get two photo’s this weekend, it’s only that cold whether and battries don’t go together..congratulations on our second place in the cooking competition, a fantastic result, you should be proud of yourselve’s, the leaders are…

Scouts – Tues 24th – Chinese Cooking!

Tonight is Chinese New Year (year of the Dragon) we’re cooking oriental style!

Please bring

1. an old WOK (if you can, one that parents don’t mind lending for a couple of hours) and

2. at least two types of veg each (peppers/carrots/beansprouts/broccoli/mushrooms/onion etc etc, or be original!) as we’re supplying the gas, the oil, soy sauce and the chopsticks!

If you fancy bringing in some recipes, or have any ideas for any Chinese New Year-related activities, bring ’em in!

See you then!

Butterton Camping Barn Weekend: 27th – 29th Jan

Butterton camping barn, high above the Manifold Valley

The barn-camp is officially ON, but due to busy schedules the consent form and kit list has only just been published this evening, and the deadline is this TUESDAY 9:30pm.

The camp looks like it’s going to be lots of fun, including hiring bikes all Saturday!

Get your form printed off, completed and returned to Scouts this Tuesday to secure a place. There are 15 places available. If you can’t get to Scouts, print off and post to my home address. If you haven’t got a printer, I will have some copies spare at the hut on Tuesday.

Any questions, just let me know as usual.


New photos – marble run challenge

Scouts – Tues 17th Jan – CLIMBING!

Yes! Chris has finally had an hour spare to organise climbing at the Foundry!

Drop-off: at the Foundry Climbing Centre, 7pm

Where to meet: in the cafe upstairs

Car parking: car parking in the tiny car park can be pretty tricky when busy, so aim to be a bit early if possible.

Cost per Scout: £8 (really it’s £12 but we’re subsidising the rest). Please bring CASH not cheques, and pretty please bring correct change.

Climbing: Scouts will be grouped in terms of age/ability/confidence etc. as appropriate, with qualified instructors on hand to supervise.

Transport: rather than any Scouts missing out, if any parents really can’t make it, can you contact other parents to arrange car-share, or contact me and I’ll try to arrange something.

Here is the consent form that every child must bring on the night.

I’ve added the Foundry link onto our website, if you wish to know more about the centre.



Scouts – Tues 10th Jan

Tonight, can all Scouts turn up with a packed rucksac, as if to go on a 2-day camp.

Include at least (1) own sleeping bag, (2) own roll-mat, (3) own water-bottle.

For a full list of what to take on a camp (and therefore pck tonight!) please click here.

The more prepared, the more Patrol points!

FULL uniform tonight. Plus a torch, we may be doing some activities outside.