Article: Meeting – by James

On the 13/12/11 I walked down the lamp post lit path to the Scout hut under the unstarry night sky because of light pollution. When I arrived at the Scout hut I had a Report, a form & my subs. Furthermore, I had a loo roll! When we started the programme I was informed with the rest of my Scout troop that there was a cooking competition and four people would be chosen to participate. To choose the 4 Chris said we would have to make a marble run and it was about teamwork. After those stressfilled, tense moments of an hour and a half with the testing, making and trying, 7 people were picked by Chris and 4 were chosen, the four were…Sinead, Sam, Solomon & ME! I am so happy!

Article: Ready, Steady, Cook – by James

On the 6/12/11 we had a patrol night where we had a ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’ competition. It was very fun and I was in a group with Sam, Rhys, Joseph, Solomon & Tiernan. I was in charge of the desert and Sam was in charge of the Main. Sam instantly produced a big Waitrose bag full of spices, now one thing you should never do, let Sam put spices in a dish. The bag was probably empty at the end of the programme. The desert was a sweet lump of chocolate, yoghurt, cornflakes, syrup & too much cinnamon and cinnamon apples, it was delicious. The Main was also delicious but quite hot because Sam as I said had his Spice Bag. Luckily, the chicken was cooked well and was very nice. In conclusion, Never let Sam open his spice bag because even though it will be nice, faint hearts who hate even the tiniest of spice will die.

James, 12. Eagles PL

Bag packing at Sainsbury’s and Waitrose

The Scout Leaders would like to give a great big thanks to all the Scouts who came on our fundraising weekend. All the scouts worked very hard and this enabled us to raise an amazing £1978. As leaders we received several comments from both staff and members of the public praising our Scouts, Sainsbury’s said ours were the best group that had ever been bag packing, we are very proud of you all. Thank you all.