Food at the Wakeover – Article by Rob

The food, scrumptious and tasty, like a slice of heaven, was normal. We didn’t have a lot of fancy macdonalds and pizza hut food just good old pancakes.

However, we didn’t have loads of food. On the other hand there was still enough to go around the masses of scouts that turned up. There was a massive turnout in the number of scouts that attend the event (about twenty six)

Unsurprisingly, the pancakes, hot, fresh and sugary, were delightful. We freshly cooked the pancakes from the batter we had made earlier. The batter didn’t look that apitizing.

Our homemade pizzas were a pleasure just to look at. The pure tastefulness of the lovingly prepared pizzas was massively impressive.



Rob, you clearly liked the food! Thanks for your very descriptive article. – Chris

…some pics from the Wakeover:


Bonfire Night


Louis’s pro pics at the top, some videos stills underneath.

Scouts – Tues 15th Nov – Night-hike

Change to the advertised programme.

This Tuesday, meet at Burbage North carpark at 7pm.

Directions: follow Ringinglow Road out of Sheffield, past the Norfolk Arms / Roundhouse, out onto the moors. The carpark is at a sharp bend after the road levels out. As a guide, this journey takes around 16 minutes from Meersbrook S8.

What to bring: your child needs a torch (+ spare batteries – the torches will be on for two hours), warm clothing, waterproofs, strong boots (it is likely to be muddy). Plus, a small rucksack to carry coats (I’m not carrying them again!).

What we’re doing: we will be splitting into two teams and walking on either side of Burbage Valley. The teams will communicate by Morse Code (using torches). Every child will have a go at this. There will be a secret message code and a competition…..

When to collect children: we will be back at Burbage North carpark for 9pm or hopefully just before.

Weather: cold/rain/snow/hail we will still be going!

Any questions: call Chris on 07876 400786

See you there!