Halloween Night 2011 – pics

Thanks to Louis for his great photography!

Scouts – Tues 25th Oct: Halloween Party

Time for the Oak Street Halloween Party! 


1. Bring a pumpkin (big or small) for the pumpkin carving competition (bring your own knife/tool, to be used sensibly and safely)

2. Bring some party food for sharing: biscuits, cakes, crisps, dips, sausage rolls, a pizza, or anything else you can think of (make it halloween themed somehow: I might make some spider-cakes!)

3. Fancy dress! The scarier the better!

4. Torch / head torch: who knows when the lights might go out………..


Go-Karting Pics

A selection of pics from Go-Karting… a very popular night, thanks parents for being so patient!


Photographer’s Badge – Homework

Scouts – a reminder of your homework for the Photographer’s Badge:

Produce twelve prints of photographs taken by yourself, covering at least two different aspects from the list:

  • portrait
  • still life
  • landscape
  • sports / action
  • close-ups / macro

You might want to get a book on Photography out from your local library or borrow one from school. Or, you can also buy a copy Amateur Photographer magazine for some inspiration.

Tip: I often find I might take 200-odd photos (approx!) to get a few I’m really happy with, so experiment and take a lot more than just 12 photos!

To produce prints, you can use photo paper and a inkjet printer, or Sainsbury’s can print them for about 40p each if you bring them in on USB stick or SD card.

Bring your 12 prints to the last photographers badge on Tuesday 18th Oct. We look forward to seeing your work!

Any questions, I’m on 07876 400786.


Quiz Night Photos

Here are a few photos taken by the Scouts on Quiz Night.

We had a projector screen showing a powerpoint of 70 questions written by Young Leader Charlotte Rhodes, and a further 10 “guess the object” close-up photos taken by Young Leader Louis Clay. In addition, there were 30 theme tunes from 70s, 80s, 90s and ‘nowsies’ to guess. Many Scouts took turns on the mic, including Sinead, James and Rob, and they did a great job! The raffle took £90, thank you to all who attended for your generosity. Some chap called Chris Melleney got Invested [yay!] and apparently looked “terrified” [thanks Steve!]. Thanks again to all who helped out before, during and after, you know who you are, and we might be doing it all again in Spring 2012. Cheers!