Scouts Quiz Night

Quiz Night tomorrow night! The questions have been written, with a few suprises in store! If you haven’t got a ticket yet, there are about 10 left (available on the door). Bring your favourite tipple; triangle sandwiches and homemade baking on sale. Get down at 7pm to get a good seat!

Alton Towers – Scout Camera

More photos!

Alton Towers, Article by Rob G

Oblivion, the ride of my life.

Scary, frantic, jaw dropping do I need to keep going? Just the feeling of it will stay with me forever. Have you ever been so well afraid yet excited, the thing you love the most can still be the thing you’re most afraid of. Your own Oblivion. The thoughts of you dangling frozen, over a massive hole and you know that you’re going down it. This astonishing feature lasts for only 15 seconds.

Those few seconds can be the longest of your life, I know as they were mine. As I was doing it for the first time the clicking noise as you go up may well be the scariest noise ever imaginable. Click. Click. Click. Then after the first few times I was still thinking ‘why do I keep doing this!’ Then you lean off the edge just for a few seconds but it feels like forever.  And you drop. All around you shouts and screams of terror and adrenalin. And you hit the wall of mist, like needles piercing your skin. And relief as the most intense ride of your life ends.

Rita, Queen of Speed all I can say is fast so so fast (in fact 68mph!). Let me just say, wow it was so very, so very I can’t even begin to explain the well amazingness  of it all to say the least. The corners and speed and and… Well doesn’t that just say a bit about it as a ride? Also the timer to set off is wrong, as it counts down it suddenly erupts into life before the timer has finished and unexpectedly speeds off along the track. At points it’s like you are going to go off the track you go that fast your face ripples backwards and forces your head back into the seat. The initial shock of it is the g-force is almost unbearable but then it slows down just a fraction but enough to make it more fun.

The YHA was ok I suppose but it didn’t have any electricity for chargers and there were no lights. But all that went away when Martyn (the scout leader) broke out the cards and spoons and we all had a really violent game of spoons. I dropped a card mid game and as I was reaching down for it I smashed my head down on the bench next to the table and lost the game. Later that night we had the most unscouting tea ever, bangers and mash. Then we went out to fetch fire wood. We walked down to a nearby wood to collect, well wood. During the collection a local farmer came over and started to yell that we were stealing his wood from his wood, we had to drop all of the wood from the wood and leave the wood.

The journey there was epic we had loads of sweets and biscuits to keep us happy and many stories of the supernatural. We had brought CDs only to find out that the van had a cassette player so all the girls were happy when Martyn brought his van with a CD player. Some of the boys brought their phones and Blackberries so we had loads of music to be getting on with. I can’t really tell you what the journey back was like because I fell asleep.

[Thank you Rob for an excellent account of the trip! Fantastic creative writing. – Chris]

Alton Towers barn-camp pics

Just a few pics from the trip, many more to follow!

Scouts – Tues 20th Sept

Tonight we are starting the Photographer’s Badge. Louis Clay has some interesting photography equipment to demonstrate, and some wonderful photographs to display. We will be looking at different lighting effects and functions of a camera.

Also tonight, individual Patrols will have the power to run their own Tuesday night meetings. There are four Tues nights (within Oct/Nov/Dec) available for selection and it is up to the Patrols what we will do! Once they have chosen a date and an activity, the patrol must prepare and arrange their night. These will then be added to the programme!